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Kybella is the first and only fat dissolving injectable treatment FDA approved to reduce a “double chin.” Kybella is a key tool in facial rejuvenation and an effective alternative to liposuction, which has lengthy downtime and potential scarring. Kybella helps to restore youthful facial proportions and enhances the results of other non-surgical treatments like jawline fillers and skin tightening procedures.

How does Kybella work?

Kybella is made of a naturally-occurring molecule in the body called deoxycholic acid that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat in the body. When injected into a defined treatment area under the chin, the acid works gradually to kill fat cells which are metabolized by the body over the following weeks. Kybella permanently dissolves fat cells and prevents future storage of fat in the area. A typical patient will need a series of approximately 20-30 small injections under the chin no less than one month a part.

What is the recovery time for Kybella?

Most patient experience swelling and mild bruising after the procedure. Some patients may experience what is referred to as a “bull-frog” neck which should subside significantly after 48 hours. We therefore do not recommend having the treatment before an important event. Patients generally think it looks worse than it does and admit that most people don’t notice.

Are there alternatives to Kybella?

The two alternatives to Kybella are Liposuction and Coolsculpting. Coolsculpting may be a better alternative to patients who have a significant amount of fat because it will be less costly and the machine can address a wider area of fat. The upside to smartlipo is that it only requires one recovery period and the results are more controlled. The downside is that you must wear a compression garment for 4 to 6 weeks and there is a higher risk of scarring.

What are the risks of Kybella?

When performed by a qualified provider, Kybella is very safe. Typical side effects include slight burning upon injection, numbness, mild bruising, and swelling. These side-effects are temporary and should resolve fairly fast. One of the areas providers cite for potential damage lies outside the submental area. If your provider goes outside the approved treatment area for Kybella along the jawline, they may injure a nerve resulting in an uneven smile or facial muscle weakness. This is a temporary side effect and will resolve in several months.

How many treatments will I need and how soon will I see results?

At Center Aesthetic & Dermatology, we customize your Kybella treatments to ensure optimal results. The amount of product used to treat the submental area will depend on the amount of fat stored below and surface area. For best results, patients should commit to approximately two to three treatments, spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. Results are noticeable at about the 4 to 6 week mark with continued improvement lasting up to 12 weeks. Another benefit we’ve observed from Kybella is that the skin retracts under the chin, revealing a sharper, more youthful profile.

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